Nocciole Creme di Nocciola Pesto delle Langhe Nocciole La Pasticceria di Langa Tajarin Le Langhe
Le Nocciole   Creme di Nocciole Pesto delle Langhe Le Nocciole Pasticceria delle Langhe
The Hazelnuts   Hazelnut Creams Langhe Pesto Hazelnut Oil Langhe Patisserie Gluten-free
 Langhe Tajarin

From our hazelnuts Tonda Gentile delle Langhe varieties to our small business laboratories.

Here with the passion and tenacity of the true Langa peasants prepare products from the flavors they remember those of a time. Those of a time
We grow the hazelnuts directly where we care about soil and plants without the use of harmful chemical treatments.     
   All stages of production, processing and packaging are carried out in the company

Discover the charm of the Lange!

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