After the harvest comes the sun needed to the completely dry the “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” hazelnut. In a dedicated part of our workroom they are then shelled and selected according to size and quality.

A Part of the shelled raw hazelnuts are pressed to produce oil, used in cosmetics for its notable and incomparable properties.

The other shelled hazelnuts are roasted in oven following ancient methods which include a final phase of roasting with the use of a sack. 

Only by using this process do we obtain the “Tonda Gentile Prelibata” with a sweetish, round and fragrant taste, and the classic natural aftertaste of acacia honey. 

The “Tonda Gentile Prelibata” hazelnut oil used as foodstuffs, is obtained through cold pressing.

After partial pressing the “Tonda Gentile Prelibata” hazelnut has fewer calories and a lower fat content, but its fragrance, taste and scent, remain unchanged as you can taste in our sweets.

All the manufacturing in our workrooms takes place in Via S.Sebastiano 7, Diano d'Alba and are rigorously made using exclusively gluten-free raw materials.

Our products are created, after thousands of attempts, on the basis of ancient “Parin Vej” (Old Godfather’s) recipes and obviously remain a precious family secret.