All products typical of Langa gluten free.

Why all the gluten-free products must also be without taste?

With our products we have tried to answer this question!

Thanks to a friend we discovered a decade ago, the drama of intolerance to gluten.
Then delving into the theme we found that in many circumstances, the gluten it is still harmful even in a lot of people who do not know intolerance.
Especially causes a myriad of side effects attributable to it.
Then I discovered that in wartime wheat flour was gone from the kitchens of Langa, completely commandeered by the Partisans or Republicans.

With imagination, simplicity and resourcefulness of our grandparents widely used hazelnut flour.

Today, we have revived the ancient recipes by integrating with new ingredients and new technologies.  

 We only use hazelnut flour, buckwheat flour, rice flour, guar flour.

In addition, our products are all lactose-free,
no yeast and no preservatives.