A few years ago in an old cupboard always hidden by an ancient belief we have rediscovered the writings and testimonies dating back to 1943.


My grandfather Lorenzo said "Verdaram," but called by children "Parin" and grandchildren "Parin Vej" insists that the recipes are transcribed discovered almost by accident.  

Parin Vej

Grandmother Teresa

My grandmother Teresa is not well and in fact died the following year, in 1944, and the fear that his secrets are lost is high. Simple recipes born from the hardships of guerrilla warfare when several raw materials such as wheat flour and olive oil, are nowhere to be found.  

Other raw materials, such as hazelnuts instead have special uses or are ignored by the market. This is how alternative products really very simple and quite tasty  

The main ingredient is hazelnut flour directly to refine in our laboratory.  

My daughter Elisa with determination and stubbornness is dedicated to the recovery of the true ancient traditions, but does not neglect the use of new ingredients, such as rice flour and guar.

Crucial also use some improvements made ​​by the use of new technologies.